Who are we

Louise Coenen and Katina Laaksonen form together ekundu since 2015. They decided to put their diverse expertise and experience together, to learn from each other and to complement each other. This enables them to serve their clients even better in their search for solutions.

ekundu - red in Swahili - the colour of love, strength, vitality and passion. Also the colour of garnet known to bring balance in people’s lives, helping them make decisions and strengthening their friendships and purity. In the Middle Ages garnet safeguarded travelers on their way home.



(Louise "...") I often wonder why we keep doing things we better shouldn’t do and vice versa. Searching for answers led me to coaching. After studying numerous books, absorbing various education and setting up ekundu-coaching (2011) I made my profession out of this passion. Today I coach and am still learning from life, out of conversations with clients, again from workshops, training courses and books. My greatest teachers for years have been my two sons, they actually still are! Now I want to “be myself  and stay in contact with myself and the people around me.”  My clients start my sessions with various motives and together with them I like to take a big step towards more self-awareness, self-acceptance and desire to take action.

In Groningen (my hometown) I studied 'International Relations' at the RUG . Before and after that I worked for various international companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Brussels I worked a.i. as coordinator of educational programmes on the European Union for students and professionals coming from the EU-countries, and as a lobbyist. Various training courses were: Coaching and Counseling, EFT, Natural nourishment, Personal Growth and Awareness, Assertiveness and Self-confidence, Systemic coaching, the Enneagram, Non-violent Communication, Communication with Youth, Solution Focused coaching and Voice Dialogue and last but not least the ICF Certification (at Nova Terra Brussels).

I come from an international family, married my Life Mate and together we enjoy our two sons. During the holidays we like to go skiing and sailing. In Brussels I enjoy the diversity of people and the many cultures.

My motto : “never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it”   (…)


Katina (’72) is a psychologist and a solution focused coach. Her work is about guiding people to find their own solutions while appreciating them as unique and resourceful. Katina’s roots lie in the North, in Finland. She settled in Belgium in the nineties after longer stays in Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg and the U.S.A.. She obtained a Master’s degree in Work- and Organisational Psychology from the K.U.Leuven, Belgium and Dublin City University, Ireland.

Already from early on in life people and their potential have been her keen focus and source of inspiration. While working in the telecommunications sector she introduced an internal career counselling and coaching framework into the company facing insolvency. In her later jobs she enjoyed coaching people in-house through one-on-one sessions and through team development workshops. Since 2004 she is an independent business psychologist. She is an expert in talent/leadership assessment and development, career guidance and coaching. She has had the pleasure to work with people from various sectors, using all of her language skills and adapting culturally when guiding young potentials, professionals and executives through their career stages. In her coaching practice she uses a variety of methods best suiting the client’s needs. She has followed various courses in coaching and counselling (Career counselling, Solutions focused coaching, Systemic constellations, Solution Focused Mediation, Voice dialogue, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Coach, Step I and II). 

Katina recharges herself in her native Finland. She finds purity, peace and energy when visiting its lakes, sea and forests and breathing its clean and fresh air. She also loves dancing and excercising and meeting people from various cultures and backgrounds. She is married and is grateful for being the mother of four healthy sons.

“The important thing about a problem is not its solution, but the strength we gain in finding the solution”