What we do

We guide people in the area of personal development, effectiveness or career to discover various options  ̶  feel good in their choices and choose a path based on who they really are  ̶  using all their resources and strengths while being true to themselves. 

ekundu puts you on the move. You determine the direction. 

Our approach consists of a selection of different coaching disciplines. Some basic assumptions that facilitate and guide us in our work come from The Solution Focused Model:

  1. Every client is unique.
  2. Clients have the inherent strength and resources to help themselves.
  3. A coach cannot change clients: he can only cooperate with clients.
  4. Every human being strives for emotional security.
  5. Emotions can override logic.
  6. One cannot change the past: a different approach in the present can change the future.
  7. The quickest solutions are arrived at slowly.
  8. Nothing is all negative!
  9. Change is constant and inevitable: a small change can lead to bigger changes.
  10. If it works don’t fix it, if it doesn’t work do something different.

(Lipchik, International Journal of Solution Focused Practices, Vol. 2, No 2, 2014)

During a session

We start coaching in the present time. Your coaching question will be turned into a wish&goal, with which we get started.  We focus on the way to the wish&goal while we  remain as much as possible in the present time. Exercises from different coaching disciplines will be selected and tuned to your theme.

During the session we ask you questions. We believe that people find the answers within themselves. It will be clear how you experience your theme; where did you got stuck. We take a picture of that moment and have a brief look at it. From that point we take measured steps. We offer support, we mirror you and we invite you to try out something new.

What is the purpose?: New insights make more space for change; which enables you to take a different direction. Maybe one that you don’t know of or that you have always wanted to discover. You will find your strength and vitality back and you are again/more able to take decisions that have a growing effect. You are ready for the next step in your life/career. You will discover what is best for you while being true to yourself. You will get better at leading/guiding yourself and others, and doing it in a natural, authentic way.

For Companies

We offer individual coaching or team coaching sessions at our or your premises. We are your partner for advancing the well-being and performance of your employees. Our passion is to enable organisations to grow happier, more balanced, more talented employees.

In our coaching we focus on topics such as personal career development, talent coaching of high potentials/high performers. We equally come in to support you when there are conflicts at work, burn out (prevention, coaching during and reintegration) or mobbing.  

What would you, as line manager, HR, team member, like to see happening  in the future?
What have you already tried with your team/organisation that helped ?
What did not work? What would you like to have instead, or do more of?
What could be a first sign in your organisation/team that things are going to the direction you envisage? What else?
What difference would that make?

Let’s start a useful conversation on your wish for change and see how ekundu can support you in amplifying it!