The Power of Coaching

Coaching activates powerful and long lasting changes in various areas of your life. ekundu’s mission is to help individuals and organisations to release their full strength through coaching.

Our work explores issues of self-awareness, self-acceptance and taking action, focusing on the following areas:

  • Personal development — heightening your self-awareness. A better knowledge of yourself will make it easier for you to discover your true desires, and knowing your true desires will make it easier to communicate clearly with others.
  • Relationships and non-violent communication — how do you treat others, and how do they treat you? Learn to truly embody your role or position within a relationship. Good communication with others fosters good relationships and strong social networks. Choose to go for it — joint or solo!
  • Motivate yourself — Making decisions becomes easier if you know where you stand, what you stand for, and where you want to go. Think in the present — what do you wish you could do, have, and be able to do right now? Here we focus on facts (is that correct? is that true?) and on what is there already!
  • The optimum balance — equilibrium, not too much, not too little. Striking the golden mean is an experimental process: try and do it over again, and keep fine-tuning. Energy and determination are essential here.