Life Coaching

We consider life coaching as a boost to bring positive change into your life.

Do you get the impression you’re getting stuck more and more often in particular situations? At home, with friends/acquaintances or at work. A situation or state of mind that you would like to change but can’t seem to.

As if my energy is being absorbed.
I feel rushed.
Everyone is screaming for my time/attention.
Nothing is priority, everything seems equally important.
I just go on, without really wanting to.
If I say no, they do not need/like me anymore.
I always think: how do they want me to do it?
I love to be in a relationship and yet I don’t.
The start arguing about anything.
I have a need for intimacy.
I do things for others, but not for myself.
I am amongst people, still - I feel lonely.

This always happens to me.
I start with something and then I don’t finish it.
I often give in for the sweet peace.
I constantly eat too much.
I'm easily irritated, sometimes beyond measure.
I keep comparing myself with others.
Why do I have the feeling I do everything wrong?
They don’t hear me.
I keep postponing things.
I often think: I won’t manage anyway.
If I have X, then everything will be better.
How do I say no, stop.

Once you’ve identified the part you play in an uncomfortable situation, you can start introducing change. Over time, you’ll learn to deal with that situation and keep on top of it. It will gradually crop up less and less often as a problem but just something to deal with.

Happy people don’t have the best of everything – they make the best of everything.