Give an ekundu coaching session as a present!

Something to talk about?
Give yourself or someone else a coaching session with the CoachingCheque!

This cheque is a moment of life coaching without the commitment to a full coaching cycle. No endless therapy but a good conversation with a professional coach. Coaching sets energy free – clears away frustrations and obstacles and makes room for clarity and ideas. Giving space for new paths and solutions –.

ekundu sets you in motion!

Only one coaching session can help you to take the first step!

With the CoachingCheque = one hour Me-Time

Me-Time and Burn-Out Prevention

We all work a lot and hard – and combine this with time for family, friends, relationships, hobbies and other commitments. There is almost every day something about burnout in the papers. More and more people are “out” because of burnout but also who dare to talk about it.

It does not have to come to that far at all!

Is your energy level going down? Do you feel it might be all too much, are you perhaps heading to a burnout? Do you want more insight into what energizes you and what costs you energy? Give yourself a moment of rest and reflection with a professional coach to get resilient again.

Take a good care of yourself today!

Order a CoachingCheque

A very original present to give yourself or someone else as a present.
An ekundu CoachingCheque entitles you to one hour professional coaching.

CoachingCheques cost 40 euros each. After payment you will receive the cheque voucher within seven working days upon the delivery address specified by you.
The CoachingCheque will be packed stylishly.

CoachingCheques are accepted at ekundu as a method of payment and do not expire.
A cheque cannot be exchanged for cash. A CoachingCheque can only be used to pay for the first session with the coach of your choice. If more sessions are required, these sessions can be arranged with the relevant coach.

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