During the career guidance you will meet questions such as:

Apart from an income – does this job give me the satisfaction to continue for the next 5 years?
How do I get more satisfaction in my existing work?
Am I in the right place? Is this really the job that I'm looking for?
I want more balance between work and private life.
What are my motivation and ambitions? Where is my passion?
I feel undervalued; I would like to have more recognition for what I do.
I have done  a competency analysis test and want to work on certain competences; How can I approve advising, influencing, communicating and convincing.
I can choose between two jobs. What is best for me?
Is my career still on the right track? Should I continue in my current position still or is it time for something else?
I am capable of doing many things , but what do I really want to do?
What are my strengths, skills and what is my distinctive value?
I am often involved in conflict situations, how can I prevent this?
I am completely bored with my work, but I don’t dare to take the first step.
How can I grow in my current position?
What do I really want?
I have no strength anymore, I'm tired, if only I see the company logo  I get chills, what is it with me? 

With career guidance you learn more about yourself and what you want to get out a satisfactory job/career. Start taking small steps into the direction that gives you more resilience. Make way for more passion and joy in your work, which enables you  to take better decisions if you want  and leads you on a new path to a better or new career + more.